New Years Eve Charleston, SC

Charleston’s New Year’s Eve Food Traditions

Posted by Yorktown Countdown | Sep 26, 2016 4:51:00 PM

Celebrating New Year’s Eve with your friends and family is a wonderful way to kick off the new year surrounded by those you love most. However, many cultures around the world up the ante by consuming specific foods, on NYE, which are believed to bring good luck and fortune. Whether you are looking for a bite before or after celebrating on the Yorktown Countdown, Charleston’s lively restaurant scene offers endless options to feast for fortune.



Because cooked greens such as kale, collards, cabbage and chard resemble folded money, many cultures believe that the more you eat the larger your fortune will be in the new year! Collard greens are a southern staple and can be found in most Charleston restaurants. As an added bonus, they will give you energy to party the night away on the Yorktown’s multiple dance floors! For the best collards we recommend Magnolias.



Legumes include beans, peas and lentils and are representative of coins for their small, seed like appearance. Because they swell when cooked they are eaten with financial rewards in mind. In the South, black-eyed peas or cowpeas are cooked for New Years in a dish called Hoppin’ John, a recipe that dates all the way back to the Civil War and is known for its ‘lucky’ qualities. For the best Hoppin’ John we recommend checking out The Glass Onion.


(Image: Omid Tavallai, Flickr)



For many around the world, pork represents progress as the animal pushes forward by rooting itself into the ground while walking. Also due to its high fat content, the pig symbolizes wealth and prosperity. In the South, BBQ is king and our favorite Charleston New Year’s tradition is to head to Home Team BBQ on January 1st. For good fortune (and to nurse a potential hangover) we recommend the BBQ Burrito filled with pulled pork, mashed potatoes, cream corn, coleslaw and red sauce.  With three Charleston locations in Sullivans Island, Downtown and West Ashely, lucky pork is closer than you think.


(Image: Home Team BBQ)

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