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Charleston New Years Eve: The Yorktown Countdown 2015 Line Up

Posted by Yorktown Countdown | Nov 23, 2014 5:50:57 PM

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The absolute best entertainment line-up in Charleston this New Years Eve.

Super_Deluxe_Charleston New years eve


From the creators of the Hip Hop Hit Parade℠, come two of South Carolina’s hottest live bands to present the next step in the evolution of party music. Charleston’s Premier Party Band℠, Super Deluxe, will be performing alongside 2-year Yorktown Countdown veterans, High Society. Bearing trumpets and horns, keyboard and sax, as well as several amazing vocalists, Super Deluxe has made a splash by presenting tribute concerts and performing at major events around the Southeast while 5-piece High Society has served as Charleston's only true-root hip hop band.

Together, this 8-piece super group will play heavy doses of hip hop, soul, motown, jazz, classic rock, beach, dance and disco, (including hits from The Police and Rolling Stones to Prince and Jamiroquai, Notorious BIG and Outkast to Parliament Funkadelic and Michael Jackson,Stevie Wonder and James Brown to Marvin Gaye, Justin Timberlake, Daft Punk and more). 


VIP Guest aboard the USS. Yorktown for NYE will witness The Breakfast Club®. This is the longest running and most recognized ’80’s tribute band in the United States. Formed in 1993, this hugely popular trio was the first of its kind sharing the stage with numerous music legends, such as Whitesnake, The Romantics, Poison, Drivin’n’Cryin’, The Smithereens, and Hootie & the Blowfish. This entertainment group that embodies the enigmatic, creative, and buoyant spirit of music and live performances of the original MTV generation of the 1980’s. That This is NOT some wig wearing, mall fashion version of an ‘80’s cover band, lip syncing to tracks while pretending to play an unplugged guitar. This is real hair, real 1980s clothes, real vocals, and real musical talent. The Breakfast Club® is the real deal, performing live ‘80’s pop “better than the original artists” – Wilmington Star News. 



Seth G is a 24 year old Charleston native with 17 years of classicalal training. His budding career however, is that of contemporary, with a recent mix tape release and album on the way embracing various genres and covers including hip-hop, pop, house, R&B and Jazz. He's been features as a soloist for numerous symphony orgestras throughout the southeast, performed for celebreties such as Oprah Winfrey, and gained national attention on ABC and NBC news since graduating college.

Performing alongside of Seth G will be The Electric Jazz Project.  EJP can be described as a creative fusion of smooth grooving melodies and head banging beats. By combining live improvisation with carefully crafted beats and melodic textures EJP successfully blends jazz fusion with livetronica and dubstep to create wild energetic performances.




Kilgo is all about the mood and a deep hypnotic groove, playing those tracks that get you tapping your feet and nodding your head without you realizing it, regardless of genre, tempo, style or release date. With a love for all things popular and no respect to genres, be prepared for countless surprises left and right. Expect everything from Dance to Top 40, Mashup, Bass, as well as some deep house and Melbourne bounce from this rising star. 




Rehab is the brainchild of Chris McCoy, and his musical project is as raw as it is meticulous and as fierce as it is stunning. Withwell over 10 years experience and nearly 20 different bar and nightclub residencies held throughout the Southeast comes the only DJ in the state releasing self-produced mixtapes that have won awards from Mixcrate and Beezo’s Top 5 and areconsistently among the most downloaded in the Southeast.



The experience with one of Sparkbox’s live sets is more visceral than auditory as the music sets any stage for an adventure without rules or limitations…no hesitation in fusing the familiar with the strange or the classic with the cutting edge. Spanning the spectrum of sonic style, the music draws inspiration from every genre imaginable and supplies a synthesis of intense bass lines and hypnotic soundscapes for an audience that desires the beautiful and the bestial in the same breath. Expect everything from Trap to Hip Hop, Dance, and Funk combined with a magical Saxaphone provided by Clark Keagy.

You can enjoy all of these artists perform this New Years Eve in Charleston, SC at The Yorktown Countdown

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